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Leading the Way in Cutting Edge Fire Suppression Solutions

Welcome to Firetech Global, where we’re dedicated to innovative fire safety solutions. As an Australian-owned company, we pride ourselves on excellence and reliability. Our team tirelessly develops cutting-edge fire suppression systems, like our AERO-X, STICKER-X and STICKER-Xv2 setting new industry standards.

Backed by principles of quality and customer satisfaction, we’re leaders in fire safety. Our focus on research ensures we exceed expectations, delivering effective solutions for any budget.

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Simplified Maintenance, Reliable Defence

Streamline your fire safety upkeep with low-maintenance solutions, ensuring continuous protection without hassle.

Customised Solutions for Unique Spaces

Cutting edge fire suppression systems designed to fit your specific space requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Safety

Effortlessly incorporate our fire suppression systems into your infrastructure for enhanced safety without disruption.

Industry Compliance Made Easy

Stay compliant with industry regulations effortlessly by utilising state-of-the-art fire safety technology tailored to your needs.


your first line of defense against fires

In the face of potential fire hazards, our products serve as the initial shield, swiftly intercepting and neutralising flames before they escalate.

With advanced technology and meticulous engineering, our fire safety solutions stand as the primary barrier between danger and safety, providing crucial time for evacuation and minimising damage.

Trust in our innovative systems as your paramount safeguard, ensuring swift and effective action against the threat of fires.

Our Cutting-Edge Fire Safety Solutions

From Advanced Automatic Suppression to Maintenance-Free Protection

Explore our range of innovative fire safety products designed to meet the diverse needs of modern environments. Whether you require automatic suppression systems for enclosed spaces or maintenance-free solutions for targeted areas, Firetech Global has you covered.

Experience peace of mind knowing that our products are meticulously crafted, rigorously tested, and backed by our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Choose Firetech Global for cutting-edge fire safety solutions that protect lives and property effectively.

Swift and Reliable Fire Protection

Safeguard Your Assets with Aero-X Fire Suppression System

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with Aero-X, the advanced fire suppression system designed to safeguard your valuable assets from the threat of fires. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, Aero-X ensures swift and reliable protection, detecting and extinguishing fire threats within seconds.

With its precision operation and non-toxic fire retardants, Aero-X provides effective fire suppression without causing harm or damage, making it the ultimate solution for protecting your assets in high-risk environments.

Trust Aero-X to deliver unmatched fire protection when it matters most.

Effective Protection for Targeted Areas

Sticker-X our Self-Contained Fire Suppression Solution

Discover the power of Sticker – X, the innovative self-contained fire suppression system engineered for rapid response and easy deployment. With its unique design, Sticker – X swiftly extinguishes fires within seconds of detection, providing quick and effective protection for small, targeted areas.

Maintenance-free and non-toxic, Sticker – X leaves behind a safe, easily removable coating, ensuring minimal disruption while keeping your assets safe from fire hazards.

Experience peace of mind knowing that Sticker – X is always ready to defend against unexpected fire threats.

Prepare and prevent with confidence

STICKER -Xv2 targeted fire suppression for high-risk areas

Designed specifically for environments prone to electrical hazards, the self-sensing thermal aerosol fire extinguishing device ensures swift action where it’s needed most.
Ideal for the communications, power, and metallurgy sectors, it fits seamlessly into small spaces such as battery boxes, distribution boxes, and electromechanical cabinets, providing dependable protection without the need for constant oversight.

A pivotal part of your safety infrastructure, designed to act fast and minimise damage without the footprint of conventional systems.

It’s the silent protector ready 24/7 to guard and prevent disaster.

Don't wait until it's too late

Take proactive steps to protect your valuable assets and loved ones from the devastating effects of fires. With Firetech Global’s state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, you can rest assured that you’re implementing the best defence against unexpected fire hazards. Don’t gamble with the safety of your property – act now to install our reliable and effective solutions, ensuring that you’re prepared for any fire emergency.

Contact Firetech Global today to learn more about our cutting-edge technologies and take the first crucial step towards securing your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All Firetech Products are safe for people, pets and the environment. The dry powder is a safe and non-hazardous material.

Firetech is your first line of defense against fires. Our devices are not a replacement for a fire extinguisher. And always call the proper local authorities in the case of a fire and evacuate the area immediately.
However, by having the Firetech Devices, you not only gain peace of mind, but you limit the chances of accidental damaging fires. If used in preventative fashion before the fire has a chance to spread, the Firetech products can stop a fire in its tracks.
The Firetech products are also simple to install and use. There are no pins to remove or triggers to press and there are no prior training or experience required for use/installation.

Sometimes it happens that people do not notice a fire in its initial stages, with the first minutes being often the most crucial. Unfortunately far too often it happens to businesses that aren’t properly prepared for an emergency because they think it won’t happen to them.
Flames can quickly spread, and even if the property or individuals are not damaged by the flames, smoke poses a real danger itself. With this in mind, it is inevitable to have a firefighting device at one’s disposal, which could be used to put out the fire completely or at least buy time for a proper emergency response.

 A common problem people and businesses face with firefighting systems is inadequate maintenance of their equipment. Your equipment needs regular checks and maintenance to ensure it is in working order. Internal plumbing that may provide water or a chemical agent may get clogged up, the pressure in the units of chemical powder-based fire extinguisher may drop and the chemicals may clump, which could result in equipment that can malfunction when you need it most.
Install your Firetech products near chemicals, outlets, or other high-risk locations to minimise the damage from a fire.

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